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Virginia Board Of Pharmacy Update

From the Virginia Board of Pharmacy: “Due to continuing issues with U.S. Postal Mail delivery across Virginia, the Board of Pharmacy will no longer routinely issue physical medical cannabis registration cards. Once an applicant is approved, they will receive an email and may take this email, in either electronic or printed form, to a medical cannabis dispensary to obtain medical cannabis products. In addition, patients are required to provide photo identification and a valid, non-expired, written certification to the dispensary.

For patients that are renewing a medical cannabis registration card: once the patient has completed the renewal process and paid the renewal fee, they may take their current registration card, even with an expired registration date, to the medical cannabis dispensary to obtain medical cannabis products. The dispensary will utilize the registration card, photo identification and valid, non-expired written certification to verify online that the patient holds a current active registration as a Registered Patient For Medical Cannabis. If a patient’s registration card becomes damaged, lost or stolen, they may contact the Board of Pharmacy at [email protected].

If a patient is in need of a physical medical cannabis registration card for a purpose other than use at a dispensary, (employment, etc.), they may request that one be mailed to them by sending an email request to: [email protected].”

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