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Beginning January 1st, 2024, practitioners are no longer permitted to issue written certifications on the paper form.

The Virginia Cannabis Control Authority, newly created in 2024, has implemented a new process for issuing patient written certifications that requires practitioners to complete the certification in a new, electronic format. This will provide the patient with a digital copy of both the written certification and medical cannabis “card” which the patient may take to a licensed medical cannabis dispensary to obtain medical cannabis products.

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Benefits To Patients

  • Immediate, ongoing access to the most current written certification document via 
  • Upon completion of the certification, the patient will receive an email notification with directions on how to access a digital copy of both the written certification and medical cannabis “card” via
  • Patients are able to access a medical cannabis dispensary in Virginia with their digital certification or card and a government issued identification
  • The dispensary will have the ability to scan the barcode on the certification or card and access the patient’s written certification.

Please note, the Virginia Cannabis Control Authority will no longer issue a physical card for those patients that choose to register with the VCCA.

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